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Hoy en The Room! tengo el palcer de mostrarles la hermosa residencia, llena de hermosos detalles de Ana Paula, la autora del lindísimo blog NA VITRINE, un hogar muy cálido y creativo, dónde cada rincón está muy bien utilizado y dónde los hermosos detalles no pueden faltar alrededor de su hogar. Ana es muy creativa, le encanta hacer DIY y eso hace que su hogar tenga un toque muy personal. Pero dejemos que Ana Paula nos cuente un poco;

Today in The Room! I have the pleasure of showing you the beautiful and creative home of Ana Paula from the lovely blog NA VITRINE. A home full of charm, very creative, were every corner is well done and with beautiful details around the house. Ana is very creative, she love to make DIY projects, that's why her home have this lovely personal touch. But let's see what Ana have to say;

"I was born in Oporto, where I grew up, I majored in visual arts and where I lived until I was 31 years. 
I love interior design, photography, theater, music, fashion and painting. I am very experimentalist, like to try ideas and see how things turn out!
 I have a habit for things in pairs, like recycling and I am fascinated with chairs, lamps, clocks, rugs, baskets and plants. I like white and more white in conjunction with wood, gray and black ... I love Scandinavian style :)
  My house was redecorated for me last year, made a lot of DIY's, the furniture was dark brown and I decided to paint it white and used many things by giving them new functions. I appreciate the brightness, cleanliness and functionality so my house is decorated to the measures of my needs and tastes, are very practical in everyday life of our family."

Mil gracias a Ana por enseñarnos su hermoso hogar, espero les guste tanto cómo a mí y si no han visto su blog pasen por el que es muy bueno.

Lindo día!

Thank you so much to Ana for let me show her beautiful home, I hope you love it like I do and go see her lovely blog too, is really great.

Have a lovely day!


  1. You have a great house, with a very nice creative space, Ana :-) Beautiful pics!
    Love this posts, Mariela! So inspiring to visit your blog!

    Big hug Lisanne

  2. Marie, me encanta el blog na vitrine! lo sigo y sus cosas son divinas! y ella es amorosa! un beso

  3. Me gustó! pero sobre todo me pareció muy original la idea de la lamparita sobre el pizarrón!

    Buena semana!

  4. Oh, thank you so much Mariela!
    You really maked my day :)
    It's a feeling of happiness and pride to see my house in your blog! I'm so so happy! My house seems to me more beautiful in your blog :))

    Thanks to all for the nice comments
    A big hug for all

  5. Qué linda casa! lo que más me gustó fue la cocina. su blog es muy bueno


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