Small but colorful kitchen

This kitchen have so many beautiful details that I just don't know where to start, oh wait the Smeg fridge! is my favorite and I want one since I can remember, then is all the different chairs, the mix of colors, the ceramics, is just a happy beautiful kitchen.


Look up....

....and you can find beauty.



Photo love

Minimalist, beautiful color and composition. 


Ideas for storage in a tiny kitchen

You all know I love small spaces, so when I saw this tiny kitchen and the way the owner storage all the lovely kitchen things I had to show it. Is very clever to have all the cabinets white and the backsplash because that way the kitchen look bigger and with more light. Putting the cutting boards on the wall is a great idea too and when you have open shelves you have to make sure to be organized that way you can show a lovely shelve with beautiful things and no clutter.


Beautiful kids space

I love, love this space that was created for a younger audience. The chairs, art, plants is just perfect, so if you want to see more go here, you won't be disappointed.



I'm so happy and proud to do a post about this beautiful shop from Puerto Rico, my country. The sisters Veronica and Monica are the owners of the beautiful shop NICA NICA By VEVE a shop about children clothing.

I had the privilege to talk with Veronica, let see what more she can tell us about their beautiful shop..

NICA NICA BY VEVE concept was born in 2012 from "Veronica & Monica " two sisters in love with our childhood memories.

 We use mostly natural fibers like cotton, linen to make the clothing. I  love pique fabric.

 I combined my childhood memories & passion for design, those remembrances breathe life into the personality of NICA NICA BY VEVE. 

The thing I love more about my shop is the privilege to spread my creations around the world. My recommendation for those who want to own a shop is to have creativity, consistency and continuos improvement.

Thank you so much for showing and telling us more about NICA NICA BY VEVE. 

To see the online shop you can go to their page NICA NICA BY VEVE and you can follow Verónica at instagram too.


Photo Love

The colors, the composition, the items, is just a beautiful picture.
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