A sense of calm

Sometimes that's all we need a sense of calm.
Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend.


Satsuki Shibuya

Beautiful work by the talented Satsuki Shibuya

Photo love

I love this pic, I think is because the combinations of the elements there, the suit case reminded me of my father because he had one like that to use at his work, is like something is going on there.


Happy cakes

I'm all about interior design, decorations but you can't pass cakes like these ones!


For the love of Zelda

....and this time is not the game

The beautiful Zelda Table by katy skelton, you can pre order it now. 

Beautiful online magazine

Always make me happy to found a new online magazine, this one is for free and you can find beautiful pictures, I personally don't understand the language but it doesn't matter with all the good things inside.

Have a happy new week 


A very functional small space in the South of France

This apartment is just perfect for vacation, the owners are originally from Turin, Italy and took this apartment did some awesome arrangements and look what they got, a beautiful apartment with an amazing view and very functional too. Perfect!

Finally Friday, yesterday I started to watch the World Cup, I'm happy Brazil won but those referee are doing so far an awful job, Mexico won today, so happy about it too, but like I said these referee need to put their shit together.

Happy Friday lovely people, enjoy your weekend!


Beautiful home with lovely natural light

I love this home simple as that, love it!!, the accessories, the natural light, the colors, the space, the floor, the marble in the kitchen, the aalto chairs,  is just beautiful.

I'm very excited because finally the World Cup will start today, Brazil is my #1 but I can't leave out  Argentina and Mexico, so good luck to all of them.


Beautiful himmeli designs at SpazzHappyLineDesign

Some people have such a great talent doing things with their hands and this is the perfect case of the owner of the beautiful shop SpazzHappyLineDesign on Etsy. She create beautiful himmeli's so you can decorate your home and for your plants so you can display them in such a beautiful manner. Himmeli's are very hard to make, believe me I tried once and let me tell you this is for pros so go to her shop so you can look at all her beautiful work.


My favorites until today from AT challenge

Apartment Therapy is delighting us again with their small cool contest and last Wednesday I was taking a look and found these great ones that became my favorites, I mean all of them were awesome but these ones are personally me fav. So good luck to all of them!!

Finally Friday I'm so freaking happy about it,  I always say freaking instead of fucking to not upset the "delicate" readers haha! one time one reader told me that I had many writing errors, or the time I had the Britain Flag on my wall and I upset someone who was anti british, or the ones that don"t like me a girl from Puerto Rico writing in english, or who knows what more, so you know theres always this bitch out there trying to upset you but you got it do what you got it do and be your self ALWAYS, because if you trying to be someone else for whatever reason you are living a lie. 

So enjoy your day and weekend! 


Great transformation & inspiration

I love, love, love to see these type of transformations, so inspiring, and so beautiful, well done to this lady!! and I was so inspired that I worked the whole weekend doing the same thing on our kitchen and let me tell you my heart was beating fast when I started painting the cabinets black but oh men it was freaking worth it! I love our "new" kitchen and all thanks to this awesome lady.

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