Flowers everywhere

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I love flowers and plants, they make can make you happy and create a peaceful and lovely room. Just try it, put flowers, go to your backyard and you can find something to put inside your home in a lovely vase, you will see how things will change.

Happy last day of April, can't believe tomorrow is May!


Small kitchens, but big in style.

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I love to see small kitchens, maybe because ours is small too, I just think people put more effort in the small ones to compensate the big space issue and can create beautiful kitchens, like these ones.


Foto Love

I love everything about it, the colors, the accessories, the realness is just beautiful.


Ballons for lamps

What a great a cute idea for a kid room or for us too who like me have a kid inside. Such a cute lamp.


Show the things you like with style.

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Sometimes you have a collection of something or want to show, organized your favorites things at a plain sight, well you can do it with style, surround them with beautiful objects in a space that every one can see it, and if you don't have enough space that is a great opportunity to do both, show your favorite things and have a place for them without looking with much clutter.


Happy Friday!

Finally Friday is here, wishing you all an awesome weekend full of love, joy

....and just relax!

For the yellow lovers

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I'm not a huge fan of yellow but these ones made me rethink my opinion.


Tiles for your delight

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These tiles are just so beautiful. Tiles are a great addition to a space, you see them more on kitchens and bathrooms and if they look like these ones who can blame it.


Photo Love

Love every detail, the pillows, the rug, the sheet, the view and the idea to make a bed using pallets. 


Apartment with great ideas.

Show your lamp this way for a more fun and cool way.

Use your glasses for your small plants.

Use this way to show your favorite magazines and a wire basket for a big plant.

You can show your prints, posters without putting them on the wall, you can put them on the sofa.
estmagazine / Photos by Jonas Berg

The beautiful Smeg

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I love this fridge so much, I wish I had a magic stick so I can wish for it and magically appear or have the money for it haha!. Love the different colors even when I'm not keen with with orange color, they are just perfect.


Perfect children bunk bed for small spaces

This bunk bed looks perfect for a small space, is not overcrowded, have the perfect details and using white color for the walls and bed make the space look larger.

Hope you are having a great weekend!



Lots of beautiful patterns.

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Beautiful patterns everywhere, so beautiful how they mix all those patterns together and all those beautiful fabrics in each pic. Is perfect!

Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend! Take care!



Three affordable ways to show your prints on the wall.

With a cord and a paper clip

With masking tape

On the sofa
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I always say you don't need a lot of money to have a beautiful home and show the things you like in a beautiful way. These three examples are just like that, they are affordable and the result is really great. 

Finally we are in the middle of the week, can't wait for the weekend.



Beautiful apartment with lots of natural light.

stadshem/Photos  Janne Olander

I love so much natural light, nothing better to have that light on your face every in the mornings, or at evening when you see that warm light, is just perfect. This apartment is full of it, I wish my home was like this one.


For the love of blue

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Blue is the color of the moment and I could not be more happy because we need some color in our lives, believe me I love black and white but I always love to have some color and lately you are seeing more and more people using blue in their homes. 
You can find many different types of blue, dark blue, green blue, gray blue, soft blue, baby blue and more and that makes a hard decision when is time to choose so I recommend going to the hardware store take some samples and check in your house which blue is going to look great with your furniture and accesories. Is better to take your time than paint to then repaint, believe me.

Also Happy Friday!! enjoy your weekend!!



A beautiful one room apartment.

But with such a great kitchen space! It doesn't matter if you live in a small or tiny apartment you can have a great beautiful place to live, just look at this one.

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