A touch of brown

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Brown can be a overwhelming color if you use it as a whole but here and there, on accessories, furniture  combining colors it can look beautiful. 



Empty walls are for showing what you love, prints, books, magazines, paintings, photos, lamps and more. I can't see an empty wall without putting something even if is something small. 

Finally the weekend is near and I just can't wait : )

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One of my old time favorites

This living room was featured in domino magazine years ago and every time I see it I still love it. Also the actress Julianne Moore was the decorator of the apartment.


Gorgeous kitchen

When I saw this, I was in awe! love, love, love this image. All the elements together, stainless steel, copper, wood, look perfect.

What do you think?

Have a great new week lovely people!


Amazing before & after

I love to see great before & after spaces, and this one from Dabito is just amazing!, he is transforming his new place and you cans see it right here.



The thing is that when you see it empty it look small an then is just like another place much bigger, he did a fantastic job.

Enjoy your Sunday!



Small Spaces : Idea for your dinning room.

If you don't have enough space for a dinning room, take a look at this;

On the corner of your kitchen or if you have another corner where you can put a small table with some beautiful chairs. In this case you can see a bench type with some pillows for more sitting space. Putting a table on front of the window is perfect for the lighting and to make the space look bigger. The shelf is a great idea for storage and you can put some dinning products too like salt and pepper, some plates or glasses, cook books, etc. Is a really lovely space.


New pillows in my shop One Happy Mess

For the people who still don't know I have a shop in Society6, the name is One Happy Mess . I love to make digital designs to then see them transform in something beautiful like a print, pillow, bag, post cards and even clocks. Now I made new pillows and here they are, plus I have worldwide free shipping. Hope you like them, thanks!



Beautiful apartment in Berlin

Love this beautiful apartment in Berlin, Fantastic Frank always shows beautiful apartments to sell, and this one is really nice. The facade of the apartment is gorgeous, the molding on the doors, the dinning table with the chairs, the little details plus the colors are just beautiful. Just take a look.

Finally we are in the middle of the week, can't wait for the weekend : )


Source; fantasticfrank


A very small apartment but big in creativity.

Living in a small place can be tricky, because let's face it many of us don't have the minimalist mind so it can be hard to live in a small place, but this apartment from Poland I'm going to show you reflect the important of creativity and it show you that you can live in a small place all happy.

Is a new week and well nobody likes Monday's but lately I'm finding Tuesday's worst haha! I don't know why but I'm seeing Monday's like a fresh start of a new week but then Tuesday is like the boring sister of Monday don't you think or is just me : )

Have a great new week!

Pics by milkdecoration


Recipe for today

On the web you see so many talented people making delicious food, well today I found this delicious Chocolate Chestnut Cream Cake with Coffee + Rum ( gluten free ) at the lovely blog bojongourmet.
So enjoy, take a look at her blog for the recipe and the beautiful photos and enjoy!


Like a forest

This is the apartment of artist Nathalie Lètè in Paris and is like you enter a forest, a magical one. From the chairs, kitchen, every where you look at you don't feel you are in what you are use to feel is an apartment. Just take a look.

Finally is Friday, I'm so happy about it, I wish all of you a great weekend, take care.

Pics from milkdecoration/photos by Karel Balas


Inspiration for your wall

I love how this wall is decorated, with the string shelf, the posters is just efficient and beautiful. Even in small space you can do that and that way you can have more storage.

Also I want to express my sympathy and sending much love to the beautiful people of France, you are on my thoughts and always remember to keep your head up, nobody can take your freedom of speech.



New year, new free calendar

From the blog Cautiously Obsessed the owner Cristina Martinez made this beautiful and free calendar to start the new year. So go and download yours by visiting her site. 

Hope you guys have a great Tuesday, yesterday we celebrated The Three Kings Day and we had a great day, my son got lot of presents, visit from his grandparents and Godmother and Godfather too, so he was happy.

Today is a sunny and slow morning thanks to my lack of sleep last night, but is another day : )

Calendar by Cristina Martinez


New Year, new beginnings

I am being absent from my blog because I need some space to think, to revaluate this "blog world", I've been doing this since 2010, with other blog names, lot of "new beginnings" but after these past years and all the new blogs sometimes you have to step aside and think if you want to continue, if you still enjoy doing this, and the answer is yes, this is something I started because I wanted to do something that makes me happy, and I want others to feel inspiration through my blog. So saying all this, One Happy Mess is gladly back and with a new beautiful template ( I'm in love with it ) thanks to the talented Suzana from the beautiful blog This Girl Design.

This time around One Happy Mess is going to be all english because I know I'm from Puerto Rico we all speak Spanish, but English is a language that many people understand.
Also it's going to be more about small spaces which I love, DIY and a lot of beautiful inspiration for your home.

So I hope you join me, thanks!


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