Beautiful space

Spaces like this one make me happy.
Espacios cómo este me hacen felíz.


Another beauty from Fantastic Frank

I love to see Fantastic Frank houses, they always seems so welcoming even though they are for sale, they put so much effort to show people how great every of their homes are and they do a really good job at it.


OneHappyMessShop at Etsy

One of my new prints at my shop OneHappyMess

I reopen my Etsy shop for my digital prints, their sizes are A4 until I get to make them bigger. I ship from Puerto Rico and the shipping costs are;
Puerto Rico $0.00
United States $5.00
Rest of the world $12.00

Thank you and hope you like them!


Full of fun and accessories

This is one of my favorite homes not because is just beautiful and full of lovely accessories is because you see children having fun. It is a home not a museum home like I call all those homes so generic and white like a hospital room where children can't be free, and believe me I love white but when you have kids you have to think of them too, a home is for all in the family.


Great entrance

The first thing you noticed on a home is the entrance, when you walk up there and you see the living, or dining, kitchen first, that is what is saying hello to you and this entrance to this gorgeous living room is just beautiful, the floor, the lamp, sofa, the bright natural light is just a dream. Love it!

Hope you guys have a great new week, here the weather is all wet and cloudy so I hope wherever you are the sun is shinning.


Finally Friday and more!

I'm so happy is finally Friday and what better way to finish posting for today with these gorgeous organic prints you could download for free at poppytalk. I all ready have mine : ).
Enjoy the weekend!


Kitchen love

I love kitchens, so when I saw this one I had to post it. Is like an explosion of different great materials, ceramic on the floor, stainless steel on the kitchen cabinets, wooden chairs, marble top and the lamp caught your eye in a second. Plus the natural light is perfect too. Like I said love it!.

Happy Wednesday lovely people, good to be back posting after been ill for some time.


A beautiful bright home

Photos by Tracy Yau

This amazing home located in San Francisco CA is the home of the talented and lovely lady Tracy You, she is the owner of the shop 45walldesign and 45walldesign shop on Etsy too. Tracy live here with her husband, her lovely always happy daughter and their beautiful cat Dexter. 

The first thing I got to know about her was about her work, I have to post cards which I love, then on Instagram I noticed her home and I was like hello! this home is beautiful so I contacted her and thank goodness she agree to show her home ( she is the nicest lady too )  I love the spaciousness, the bright light, accessories, the happiness that you can see in this home. Plus you can see her beautiful daughter grabbing some delicious cookies, perfect right!

Thank you Tracy so much for let me show your beautiful home.
Hope you guys like it as much as I do.
You can find Tracy at ig (45walldesign ).

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