I've already said bye bye until Monday but...

There's a great giveaway at elv's blog, so let's
start the weekend and a new month with the chance
to win this amazing lamp from Stoer Metaal.

No se pierdan este tremendo giveaway!!

Blog Foto Love!

süsk & banoo

I love süsk & banoo blog, they are such a cute, happy couple, is great
to see that also she is a great photographer too, so you can see lovely
photos all the time, and she is so much fun, I'm always laughing with her comments.
So if you don't know about them is time you do.

Take care lovely people, see you on Monday!


The city in your back



Muchas veces tengo que recordarme a mi misma eso mismo, que el día
que decidí sentarme frente a una computadora a bloguear y mostrar lo 
que me encanta de la decoración fuese algo que no me hiciera pensar tanto
en lo que piensen los demás.

No sé si es por ser mujer pero que mucho craneo le damos a lo que los demas
piensen, cuando en realidad es mi blog de nadie más, al final del día trabajo el
blog para sentirme satisfecha con mi trabajo, me sigan, me dejen de seguir, me comenten o me dejen de comentar.

Asi que a las que les pase lo mismo hagan lo que siemplemente
les haga feliz y sean egoistas con ustedes mismas, porque merecemos
ser felices y hacer lo que nos gusta.

I Heart Etsy

Look for these talented people;


Time to read!


Photos from my own book

My dear husband gave me this amazing, beautiful book about Paris for 
my birthday, I still am so so happy, go to Paris is one of our dreams and 
looking at this book I just can't wait to be able to see all of that in person.

This book show you the places you already know and the places few people,
tourists goes, so is very informative too., but mostly you just keep seeing the
beautiful pictures, over and over again.

The beauty of white, black with simplicity in Copenhagen

This Townhouse in the beautiful Copenhagen,Denmark is just fantastic, the floor is amazing.
I'm not a minimalist person but this is just perfect, and obviously every detail
was so carefully made by the incredible hands of the architect and photographer 
Jonas Bjerre Poulsen from Norm Architecs.

Beautiful work indeed.
To see more of it go to Yatzer 


Beautiful corners

1 2 3


Instagram + Copygram

Foto Mariela R.

Yesterday I received an order I made for some of my Instagram photos
and let me tell you I love them, Copygram is an excellent way to have your
lovely photos with you.


Do you want to go to Paris, London or New York?

Well take a look at these maps by;

This is a great and cute way to show these beautiful cities that we love.

Move nature inside your home

Real Living Aus. (from my own mag)

Hello lovely people!, how was your weekend? ours was great, with a lot of rain
but great, my son had a fantastic birthday, yesterday was my godson birthday too
so it was a long weekend full of celebrations.

Today I want to show you that you can have your own little garden in your home, 
you can have nature and all that lovely green even in your bathroom.

I wish all of you a great week!



Photos Mariela R.

Our home has been celebrating a lot and tomorrow is our
son turn, he is going to be 8 years old and I just can't believe
how fast all these years passed, I remember that May 24 2005
when I was in so much pain I just want to scream with all I got
and then when he was born after many, many, many hours of labor
the pain was gone and this feeling of wow I'm a mom now start coming
trough you so fast, too many emotions and also so much love.

Te amo Rafael T.!!!!

So I'm going to see you next Monday!!! 
I wish all of you lovely people a wonderful weekend!


Patterns and more patterns

1 2 3 ( Photos 1 and 3 are from my own magazine )

Isn't all of this beautiful?!, I'm a black, white, wood, industrial girl,
but I love patterns too and when someone knows how to put them
together it can look gorgeous.



Great furniture = Benjamin Hall

If you love great custom furniture, you would love Benjamin Hall furniture.
They are delicate, modern with fine lines and very useful just look the table with the magazines
holder.  So go and take a look.

The Moon & The Honey

The Moon & The Honey is a beautiful Etsy shop that I love, their products
are just beautiful and delicate, so if you still didn't know about it, go take
a look, you won't regret it : )

Also in a somber note my prayers are with all the beautiful
people of Oklahoma, be strong.

Quedamos en....

La Peluquería

Hola! hoy nos encontramos para mostrarle Quedamos en la peluquería,
una propuesta de decoración de 35 blogueras para que se deleiten.

Estas fotos son sacadas de mi libro Ideat

Cuando ví esta peluquería localizada en Francia, lo primero que pensé
fué porque no voy a una peluquería así jaja! es ecléctica, chic, tiene
tantos detalles hermosos que debe ser un placer arreglarse ahí.

Ahora para que vean más peluquerías pasen por mis compañeras:

Cómo blog invitado tenemos a Arantxa Gonzalez con su lindísimo blog


Tricks for get some good natural light

A big crystal window...or a huge one like this : )

Put your furniture close to the windows for a nice sunlight

Mirrors! they always do a great job
1 2 3 from my own magazines

Is that a ball or a chair

The Ball Chair by Eero Aarnio 1963

This one is for my dear friend Adena

1 2 3

This ball chair was created by Eero Aarnio in the 60"s when
he had to move to his first home in 1962.

Sometimes moving to another place can give you great ideas.

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