Don't forget about the bedroom

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Muchas veces nos enfocamos en el área de la sala y olvidamos el dormitorio, el lugar
sagrado para hecharse a dormir zzzzzzzzz, asi que no lo olvidemos y cojamos estas
opciones para ideas : )

Sometimes we forget about the bedroom, we concentrated our effort in our living room,
dinning, but the bedroom is our sanctuary, the place were you can have a great sleep zzzzzzz
so let see these ideas for it : )


  1. simply amazing...
    yes... dont forget!

  2. Hi Mariela, I'm busy with mine.... soon the pics of my new bedroom on my blog.

    kind regards,


  3. Beautiful inspiration :-)) Loovve picture nr 2 <3

  4. hermosas fotos Marie un besooooo

  5. I love the first one, so cosy and peaceful!

  6. Qué lindas! Dan ganas de dormir una pacífica siesta ahí!

  7. I especially love the top image. Love the lamp and blankets!

    We are concentrating on our bedroom soon. We've had a little play in there already and moved a few things around. We stripped the walls and re-plastered about 4 years ago and painted it black and white but we never got around to properly finishing it. I've been trying to figure out what I want in there and the ideas are flowing.


  8. Totally agree! We are talking about public & private spaces on the current apartment diet course and who we're decorating for ... we should be decorating for ourselves and making places like our bedrooms our sanctuaries, for sure (rather than a dumping ground for all our stuff that we don't want people to see!). Love this!!! xo

  9. Hi There

    IM IN LOOOOVE with the coloured geometric blanket in the first picture... can you tell me where its from by any chance???

    1. Hi! I saw in the magazine that said the black and grey was from Ikea, I don't know if the other one is from Ikea too, but check it out anyways, good luck!!



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