Do you want to go to Paris, London or New York?

Well take a look at these maps by;

This is a great and cute way to show these beautiful cities that we love.


  1. Lindísimos! Las tres ciudades son tan lindas!

  2. Oooh I knew the London map but didn't know there were others. I love the Paris one!!

  3. Paris for sure, New york and London are more of big corporate cities. Paris has its own flavor, unlike other cities it’s thrilling.It’s a city full of life and to live in its center is become part of this life. Some call Paris the most romantic city in the world but there is much more to see and feel in Paris apart from romance. The French capital is a centre of fashion for the world and there are some amazing shops to peruse for hours - including the concept store Collette on the ultra-chic Rue du Fauberg Saint-Honore. Apart from being fashionable Paris is city which is full of surprises and life. Last time when i visit Paris i have stayed at an Paris apartment at St. Germain, that area in Paris is filled with night life and music which is the main attraction for young tourists.


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