Beautiful apartment with lots of natural light.

I love this apartment, specially for the natural light. Where I live in some areas is like a cavern so one of my wish lists for the future is to have something like this for me and my family.

Finally Friday, I wish all of you a great and safe weekend, take care always!



Beautiful kitchen corner

I love, love, love this picture!



Last weekend was my son's 10 birthday and we had a blast! I was so happy to see him so happy, you know we as moms want to see our children healthy and happy. So we stayed at a hotel, ate a lot, went to the beach, had family with us, it was really nice. May is full of birthdays for us, mine, my husband, our son, my two best friends, my godson and more. So if you are one of May birthdays , Happy Birthday to you too!


Photos by me.


Party time!

For us May is a big party month, we all celebrate our birthdays plus dear friends birthday's and Mother's Day, tomorrow is our son time to shine, plus is a long weekend.

Hope all of you have an amazing weekend, take good care of yourself always and thank you so much for passing by!



Molding love

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I always love to see these kind of moldings on doors and walls is just so beautiful and elegant, i just love them.


Pink touch

I think this kitchen is just lovely, don't you think?


Kitchen love

Let's start this new week with this lovely kitchen. Love all the accessories and the colors, plus of course the furniture, well I love it all!

Happy new week everyone!



Finally Friday and a touch of green

I'm so happy is finally Friday, have a great weekend and take good care of yourself, laugh, enjoy life always!


Simplicity and their beauty

This home projects peacefulness, a sense of calm and beauty and sometimes that is all you need.



Photos by me

Is all about something new, new magazine ( Cereal Magazine ) this issue is just perfect, even the cover is just fantastic, art exhibition, love this type of red, my dear friend Elia from England send me this dog plus the postcard for my birthday and a new plant, who looks lovely in the lovely ceramic by Serax. I just think that small things can make you happy, things that you like is not that I'm only attached to material things is just somethings like these ones make me happy. 


Is better to say things like they are instead of retreat and hide.

Beautiful home full of light

Love this home! all the natural lighting, the accessories, the colors, the floor for me is just perfect.

Also that Kinfolk magazine is the best, if you never bought one, I really recommend you should do it.

Happy Day!



Lovely space

Love this space, is airy, looks peaceful, the furniture, the beans, the natural light, is just lovely.


Ideas to organized your kitchen shelf

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I love to see how people organized their shelves, specially when you don't have all the space you need to put all your kitchen things and I think theses ones are perfect.


Foto love

I not always show bathrooms or anything like it, but when I see something worth it, I have to show it and this is the case. The sink is beautiful but the main thing here is the surrounding of the sink, I think is a great idea to put such a touch on a thing that can go so unnoticed.


Happy Friday!!!!

...and happy May too.

Enjoy the weekend and take care of yourself always!


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