All time favorite kitchen

This kitchen of fridas fina is one of my all time favorites, I just love it.

Esta cocina de fridas fina es una de mis favoritas de siempre, me encanta.


Show Me Your Favorite Space

Hello lovely people, today I have the pleasure to show you the favorite space of Ashley, her home is gorgeous, full of white, black and pink colors, lovely details and accessories. You can find beautiful flowers and she is the nicest person. Today all the way from Australia here is Ashley's favorite space, her dinning room.

" I love it because it's share meals and I constantly change it around, change the candlestick colours and buy different flowers every week to put in the vase"

Photos by Ashley

Thank you Ashley for sharing your favorite space with us, if you want to see more of Ashley's beautiful photos and home, well you should follow her because everything is lovely, you could find her on Instagram.


Add some color

Let's finish the week with some beautiful spaces.

Happy weekend, take care! 

Terminemos la semana con hermosos espacios.

Felíz finde, cuidense!

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Beautiful home with lovely details.

Because patterns, designs are everywhere, from the curtains to the floors and that blue in the living is just perfect.

Porque ves diferentes patrones, diseños dónde sea, desde las cortinas hasta el piso, y ese azul de la sala esta perfecto.

thesocialitefamily/Photo Constance Gennari


Beautiful kitchen

Source/Original by roomed

I love marble and when I see it like this kitchen I have to show it. Love the floor, I wish I could have that floor, it have great natural light, the gray with black and white is just a perfect combination, the lamp the chairs, do I have to say more!.

A mi me encanta el mármol y cuando lo veo cómo se presenta en esta cocina tengo que mostrarlo. Me encanta el piso, ojalá mi piso fuese así, tiene muy buena luz natural, la combinación de gris, blanco y negro es perfecta, la lámpara, las sillas, tengo que decir algo más!

Beautiful space for children

Love the chairs, the colors, accessories, is just perfect for children, beautiful.

Adoro las sillas, los colores, accesorios, es perfecto para niños(as), hermoso.


Show Me Your Space

Hello everyone, today I'm starting this fabulous special series Show Me Your Space. People around the world showing their favorite spaces in their gorgeous homes. Who doesn't like to see others people beautiful homes, right? and today I'm begin with the lovely and beautiful SI from the always gorgeous French by design blog. She is one of the nicest people I met here, she have thousands of followers but she is always the same nicest person, so I was extremely happy when she got on board and show me her favorite space which is the living room. 

"My favorite room in my home is the living room. That’s where the family spends a lot of time and the room is super bright - which is great with the San Francisco fog that gives us many gloomy days. What I love the most about this room is how versatile it is. I can change it very easily with the seasons changing, position the white sofa in another spot, add some seasonal flowers, and it feels like the room is completely new and different. Because I don’t like to shop a lot and over-consume, I simply move things around the house, an end table from the TV area, a bed side table, a few pillows from other rooms, and voilà, I have a completely different living room! 

Her latest , trying the diagonal way.
Photos by SI

I love her simplicity, the ways she style her living room, is always beautiful no matter where she put the sofa, table, lamps, she manage to make a perfect space for her and her family.

Thank you SI for showing your space here, you can find her on twitterpinterestfacebook and instagram.


Beautiful ceramics by Lenneke Wispelwey

I love ceramics, I wish I could knew how to made ceramics. When I discover these ones all the way from Netherlands my heart exploded they are just delicate, pure, perfect and of course I want one.

A mi me encantan las cerámicas y ojalá supiera hacerlas. Cuando descubrí estas en los Países Bajos mi corazón exploto, son tan delicadas, puras, perfectas y obviamente quiero una.

Her beautiful webshop here.

Su hermosa tienda online aquí.

New diy lamp

The other day I was looking trough blogs and websites and I found  a lamp made of natural flowers and it was so beautiful that I need it to try it but with fake ones because sadly flowers can die fast and you don't want your new lamp all ugly fast. So I got these materials, gladly I all ready had some and went for it, let me tell you I love it!.

Los otros dias estuve mirando otros blogs y websites y encontré este diy una lámpara hecha con flores de verdad, y me encantó, el problema es que las flores de verdad pueden morir fácil y más rapido, así que hice el mismo pero con flores de plástico para que así la lampara dure porque seamos realistas no vamos hacer algo para que este feo en un par de dias, así que lo hice y me encanta!.

These is all you need

Esto es todo lo que necesitas

This basket is from Ferm Living but the one I used is from Marshalls, the cord is from colorcord but the one I used is one I had from another Ikea lamp.

Esta canasta de metal es de Ferm Living pero el que yo utilize es de Marshalls, el cordón es de colorcord pero el que utilize es de una lampara que tenia de Ikea.

The result

El resultado
Photo by me.

Hope you like it and make one too!

Espero les guste y hagan una también!


Bathroom love

I love, love this bathroom, from the tiles to the furniture is just perfect.

Me encanta este baño, desde los azulejos hasta los muebles es perfecto.


When less makes it perfect.

Sometimes less is more and this is one of those cases, when you see a place and the things they have is just the right ones to make the place look beautiful.

Muchas veces menos es más y este es uno de esos casos, cuando vez un sitio y tienen lo perfectamente necesario para hacer ver del lugar uno hermoso.


Colorful shop in Glasgow.

Source/Photos Sánchez y Montoro.

Thanks to this awesome site I found this beautiful and colorful shop in Glasgow. Love the tiles, the colors, furniture is just perfect. By the hand of the architect Tomás Alonso, now Glasgow have a lovely shop.


Beautiful wallpapers on bathrooms

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Wallpapers can change any space you want and these bathrooms are just beautiful. But always have in mind that you have to be sure you want wallpaper on the wall because they can be harder to take off.

Finally is Friday have a wonderful weekend with your love's ones, take care!




1 2 3 Foto  Lisa Van Damme

I always found this furniture interesting, but for sure they look very comfortable, what do you guys think?

Almost Friday people, can't wait!!!


Finally Friday!!

...and with this dose of neon and pink I'll leave you to enjoy the weekend!
Take good care always.

Living room love

What not to love here! So many beautiful details, the mix of furniture plus the walls with the big moon is just lovely.


For the love of blue

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I always like blue, I don't use it much though but for the ones that love to have that color in a bigger scale it can look really lovely and beautiful.


Foto Love

So many things to love here...


Beautiful cozy apartment

This is one of those apartments where you need to look everything carefully because it has so much lovely details, everywhere, under the couch, on the wall, cabinets, tables, I mean everywhere and those details are so important to make you feel comfortable. If you want to see more go here.

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