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Hello everyone, today I'm starting this fabulous special series Show Me Your Space. People around the world showing their favorite spaces in their gorgeous homes. Who doesn't like to see others people beautiful homes, right? and today I'm begin with the lovely and beautiful SI from the always gorgeous French by design blog. She is one of the nicest people I met here, she have thousands of followers but she is always the same nicest person, so I was extremely happy when she got on board and show me her favorite space which is the living room. 

"My favorite room in my home is the living room. That’s where the family spends a lot of time and the room is super bright - which is great with the San Francisco fog that gives us many gloomy days. What I love the most about this room is how versatile it is. I can change it very easily with the seasons changing, position the white sofa in another spot, add some seasonal flowers, and it feels like the room is completely new and different. Because I don’t like to shop a lot and over-consume, I simply move things around the house, an end table from the TV area, a bed side table, a few pillows from other rooms, and voilà, I have a completely different living room! 

Her latest , trying the diagonal way.
Photos by SI

I love her simplicity, the ways she style her living room, is always beautiful no matter where she put the sofa, table, lamps, she manage to make a perfect space for her and her family.

Thank you SI for showing your space here, you can find her on twitterpinterestfacebook and instagram.

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