Shelf love

I love shelves, and this one is lovely, rustic, organic is just beautiful.

Happy new week, I know Monday's can suck but is another day with new opportunities.



Sunny Friday

I love Fridays and when is a sunny day oh is much better, today is one of those days. I can't stand rain even though I live in a tropical place were rain is a must I need the sun, maybe I have a deficiency on vitamin D haha! either way I hope all of you have a beautiful Friday and have a wonderful weekend.

Photos by me


From the beautiful pages of RUM magazine

rum ( I think is March issue )

I love RUM magazine, is one of my favorites because well I'm addicted to magazines but this one is the best, even though I don't know their language I'm just happy to see their beautiful pages again and again. This picture is beautiful, the lighting, the sofa, the floor, lamps the space so big, is a beautiful arrangement. You can buy them online and at a great price. 


Dorotea Night

No is not a movie theme, are just these beautiful collection of cutlery that I love, all black, modern and beautiful.



Photo by me

Because even the brighter flowers can wither. 
Rest in peace Robin Williams
Thank you
for making us laugh
and see the world more bright.


Leimu lamp

I love lamps, love to buy them and one of my favorites is this Leimu lamp from Magnus Pettersen Studio. Leimu lamp is a table lamp which has a glass lampshade and concrete base. Beautiful!.

Kauniste love

Photos by me

I always loved this fabric from kauniste, the patterns the colors is just so beautiful, that's why I'm so happy I finally get this kitchen towel and I was not going to put it in the kitchen I just use it as a decor for the wall in the dinning.



Oh how much I love these TUCK BOX designs, they are perfect, beautiful, compact, easy to have around the house, and handcrafted, what more can I say! Love every piece. All the way from Melbourne by the hands of craftsman and industrial designer Dan de Groot.
Thank you Dan!


Donna Wilson

I love Donna Wilson shop, her products are just amazing, so beautiful, fun, with happy colors or even if they are black and white for me they are just perfect.


Real state heaven

....at least for me it is

Love this place, the lamp, decorations, accessories, the molding, the natural light for me is beautiful.

Finally Friday, I'm so happy about it but not so happy for tropical storm Bertha which is coming tomorrow so let's hope it passes really fast without any incident. 

Enjoy your weekend!


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