New Year, new beginnings

I am being absent from my blog because I need some space to think, to revaluate this "blog world", I've been doing this since 2010, with other blog names, lot of "new beginnings" but after these past years and all the new blogs sometimes you have to step aside and think if you want to continue, if you still enjoy doing this, and the answer is yes, this is something I started because I wanted to do something that makes me happy, and I want others to feel inspiration through my blog. So saying all this, One Happy Mess is gladly back and with a new beautiful template ( I'm in love with it ) thanks to the talented Suzana from the beautiful blog This Girl Design.

This time around One Happy Mess is going to be all english because I know I'm from Puerto Rico we all speak Spanish, but English is a language that many people understand.
Also it's going to be more about small spaces which I love, DIY and a lot of beautiful inspiration for your home.

So I hope you join me, thanks!



  1. Se ve divino Mariela!!! Congrats & Welcome Back!

  2. Hi Mariela! I am so glad you are back and more importantly still enjoying blogging. Wow, you are a seasoned blogger, you got this!
    I am loving your new design. So simple yet elegant, clean and refined. Perfect.
    You really do inspire me and i know, plenty others.
    I look forward to more posts.
    Much love, Amy xxxx


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