My favorites until today from AT challenge

Apartment Therapy is delighting us again with their small cool contest and last Wednesday I was taking a look and found these great ones that became my favorites, I mean all of them were awesome but these ones are personally me fav. So good luck to all of them!!

Finally Friday I'm so freaking happy about it,  I always say freaking instead of fucking to not upset the "delicate" readers haha! one time one reader told me that I had many writing errors, or the time I had the Britain Flag on my wall and I upset someone who was anti british, or the ones that don"t like me a girl from Puerto Rico writing in english, or who knows what more, so you know theres always this bitch out there trying to upset you but you got it do what you got it do and be your self ALWAYS, because if you trying to be someone else for whatever reason you are living a lie. 

So enjoy your day and weekend! 

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