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Hoy en The Room! tenemos el hermoso hogar de la autora del lindísimo blog French by design, una casa con mucho espacio, luz y encanto. Y no es para menos si nos dejamos llevar por su hermoso blog, que siempre está lleno de inspiración, y cómo muchas veces cada Room! tiene algo que contar;

Today in The Room! I want to show you the beautiful home from the author of the lovely blog French by design, a home with great space, light and so charming. Like her beautiful blog she has lot of inspiration and every Room! have something to tell;

"I love my kitchen because this is the spot in the house where we all meet as a family to share dinner, chat about our day, enjoy a glass of wine, do our nails {i have two daughters ;-)} and overall spend the most quality family time.I also love the fact that I can entertain and cook at the same time. 

My living room is another favorite spot in the house for me. Because it does not have a lot of furniture and because of the high ceiling height, there is a great light in the room. I can sit with a cup of tea and browse through my favorite magazine while listening to relaxing music. It is the place I "unplug" from the stress of everyday life and activities. My rolling coffee table is a DIY project and I love the fact that it is very low. We usually use pillows and poufs to sit on the floor around this coffee table and play some family games."

Igualmente puedas pasar por su tienda para que veas los lindos artículos que vende. Muchísimas gracias por dejarme mostrar tu hermoso hogar, espero les guste tanto cómo a mí.

Also you can go to her store and you can see all the  lovely things she have, thank you so much for let me show your beautiful home, I hope you like it, like I do. 


  1. precioso lo que muestras, ese monito de madera es un belleza.
    me gusta tu blog. =)

  2. It`s beautiful! Great livingroom and just love the story about your kitchen! Thanx for sharing! Enjoyed it very much!!!

  3. Wow! Beautiful! =)


  4. Que suete de espacio, me encantan los muebles del salón y ese mural

  5. Un ambiente muy agradable, me encantaron los techos altos en el salon!



  6. i love it!
    the kokeshi dolls are soo cute!
    ♥ have a great week!

    ps: love these posts!!!

  7. Thank you Mariela for the feature and sweet words about my home and blog! Hugs, Si-

  8. So excited to see Si's beautiful home. She is so creative and sweet!

  9. I had the Mon Oncle red poster on my walls for years and I loved it!!! Beautiful, cozy place Si!

  10. OH, this is all so very YOU! Beautiful home. Thnx.


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