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Hoy empiezo la mañana mostrándoles el Room! de Johanna del lindísimo blog Löytö, ella nos presenta su salón comedor dónde los toques de color no faltan al igual que la luz natural. En su blog puedes encontrar DIY que ella misma realiza, fotos personales e inspiración.

Cómo siempre cada Room! tiene algo que contar;

Today I want to show you the beautiful Room! of Johanna from the lovely blog Löytö , her favorite Room! is her dinning room , as you can see her dining room have beautiful touches of colors, and great natural light also in her blog you can find her personal DIY, photos and lots of inspiration.

and every Room! have something to tell;

"My favorite space in our home is the dining space. I love that place because almost all furniture is old. I have found all chair, baby chair and the table at the flea market. I have repainted some of the furniture but some are as I have found them. The lamp seen in pictures (the white one) and the baby chair I have diyed also by my self. The golden lamp on my working table is also one of my flea market find. Also mugs on my string shelf :) I am addicted to mugs and spoke chair as you see;)

I love this space bacause we spend a lot of time there. I do not have any curtains right now, because it is summer. It is so green outside and it looks great. The space is light and bright, but also colorful with green, yellow and some other bright colors." 

Muchísimas gracias a Johanna por dejarme mostrar su hermoso Room!, espero que les guste tanto cómo a mí! Lindo día!

Thank you so much Johanna for let me show your beautiful Room!, I hope you love it like I do!, Have a beautiful day!


  1. que colorido y luminoso!!! me gusta! las sillas, divinas! un beso!

  2. Always lot's of inspiration on your blog Mariela.... and this place of Johanna is beautiful.. love her dinningroom! Have a beautiful day! x

  3. I love this place! Love the colors. Thanx for sharing!

    Hug Lisanne


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