Show Me Your Favorite Space

Today all the way from Canada is Emilie LaRue favorite space. I know Emilie from instagram, she is funny, gorgeous and so nice plus she have a gorgeous daughter Charlotte, her whole family is beautiful. When you see her feed on instagram you see more of her gorgeous girl, her daughter beautiful style and her room so when I saw her favorite space, her dinning room I was in awe because is the first time I saw it and I love it and I know you will love it too.

"My favorite space is my dinning room, aside from the fact that I love eating, it is probably because of the calm it brings me. I love to drink my coffee there or to read a good book in my little reading nook. The light is incredible and for me this is crucial. I'm no expert but I think you can call my decor style as a nordic boho minimal chic. I get a lot of inspiration from scandinavian design. My ideal color combination is without a doubt white, black and wood with plants."

Photos by Emilie

Thank you Emilie so much for showing us your favorite space, I love everything, from your dinning table to every accessory. To go and see more of this gorgeous mother and daughter feed go here. P

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