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Today I'm so happy to show you this gorgeous home, the favorite space of Susanne. I know Susanne through instagram and I always loved her home. The soft colors, all the space, the natural light, furniture I mean is just beautiful.

Estoy muy feliz de poderles enseñar hoy esta hermosa casa, el espacio favorito de Susanne a quien conocí a través de instagram. Siempre me encantó y me encanta su casa. La diversidad de colores suaves, todo el espacio que tiene, la luz natural, muebles, esta hermosa.

About my favorite spot in the house, in the corner of the mint green couch, always with magazines around me and a cup of fresh green tea, I drink it all day long.
It’s my favorite because of the view, looking out the window with all the green around us, when the glass door is open you can hear the birds sing, it is so calming and peaceful.
I’m always catching butterflies, we had lots of them in this room this summer, they fly in but never find their way out..
This is also the one spot the kids don’t take over, we have the yellow couch in the tv area and that’s their favorite, off course. Every now and then they come lie next to me, to cuddle but that’s it.
Luckily they never bring toys to this room, so they have the whole house, this room is for me and the husband.
It feels nice to have a spot of my own, where I can leave the magazines and go sit whenever I find the time, when Annabel takes her nap and Pepijn is still in school.
When the sun is out and even on grey days, there’s always lots of daylight, I love seeing the different shades and I love the sound of the raindrops ending up on the roof.
Everyday feels like a holiday, living here in this house..

Photos Susanne

Beautiful right! to see more of her gorgeous home you can follow her on instagram her website Frivole and blog frivolebysuus.

Hermosa verdad! para ver más de su hermosa residencia puedes seguirla a través de instagram, su website Frivole y blog frivolebysuus.

Thanks you!


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