Finally Friday....

This can apply in everything in your life because we are surrounded by people all the time and I think life is to enjoy and be surrounded by people that make you happy and smile. Social media can be tricky you can find good hearted people but you can find mean spirit people. Once I had this "ig friend" at Instagram who direct message me every time she felt bad or need it help, which I didn't mind, then one day out of no where she stop talking to me and blocked me, believe me I was mad not because I needed her "friendship" but because at this time on my life were I'm a wife, mother and have 35 years old I still found people that can be so hypocrite, make you loose your time and are full of bullshit. But that is social media and it can take a toll on you so that's why I recommend to keep your circle small you will know with time which person is the real deal and which one is only bullshit. Same goes with family not because is family you have to be attached to them, because lets be honest do you have to say hello on the phone, by letter or text to a family member that never talk to you, and sometimes relationships in the family don't work, and is just as simple as that. 

I believe in live a normal happy life without the need to be looking for acceptance on anyone. If you like me good if don't well that's your choice, I'm not going to lie if someone thinks bad about me or don't like me sure I can get upset because is like well what did I do but we are humans and nobody is perfect. That's why everyday I talk to the people I want to talk, I'm with the people I want to be and I call, text, the people I want. 

Is your choice.

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