Caroline Gomez beautiful home.

Caroline Gomez is a great designer, I love all her products specially her ceramics, so is not a surprise that her home do not disappoint because is just beautiful, is like a heaven of pastel colors and soft lovely wood. i love the space, the cute small smeg fridge, and the patches of different colors around the house. is just pure bliss.


Caroline Gomez es una tremenda diseñadora, me encantan todos sus productos especialmente sus cerámicas, así que no es una sorpresa que su casa sea así de hermosa, es el cielo de los colores pasteles. me encanta su espacio, su linda pequeña nevera smeg, y los pedazos de diferentes colores alrededor de la casa. Es pura felicidad.


  1. Hi Mariela!
    I agree totally with everything you say about what a beautiful home Caroline Gomez has made. The use of colours, the wood, the furniture...I especially love the use of space. How very clever and creative. Plenty of inspiration. Thanks for introducing me to her.
    Amy xx

    1. So glad you like it!, have a lovely day! X x


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