Great diy

...and yes I change the language of my blog because I though well english is a language that so many people understand, not like spanish language, this in the past cost me lot of followers from other spanish blogs because they didn't like it, but I really don't care, if I was going to please every body my blog would sell even bathroom stuff and stays on hotels.

We had a long weekend, an awesome one, my son birthday was last Saturday and he had a blast I thank God for that. 

This diy is fantastic, so simple and good looking, I want to make one for our bedroom so let see, is sad that the author of Weekday Carnival leave her blog but like she said family comes first, she had one of the greatest blogs I ever seen and such a great imagination and creativity for diy's. I wish her all the luck.

Have an amazing day, we are in the middle of the week, c'mon Friday!!

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