Great idea for your bedroom!

Foto Graziella Moraes

Ustedes saben cómo me gusta ver buenas ideas y mostrarlas aquí, asi
que cuando ví la tremenda idea de mi amiga Graziella no dude en pedirle
que me enviara su foto. Asi que si no tienes una cabecera para tu cama, esta es
una buena forma de darle un foco de atención a tu cama.
 Aparte de que me gusta su recámara completa : )

Gracias Graziella por enviarme tu linda idea!

You all know how much I love great ideas, well yesterday I ask my
dear friend Graziella to send me this lovely idea and lucky me she accepted.
This is a great focal point for your bedroom, and a great lovely idea too if you
don't have a headboard. Also I love all her bedroom : )

Thank you so much Graziella for send me your great idea!.


  1. Looks so beautiful!Super great idea!:) I love her bedroom too!So clean and minimalistic!

  2. Looks great! Actually I tried making a similar headboard a couple of months ago, but the tape that I used didn't stay on the wall. I have to try again with a better type of tape.

    1. Hello Elli, here is Graziella, the owner of this bedrom in the photo :) , The tape I used was electricity tape and its indeed very difficult to use. But you can do the same using washi tape (in whatever color you like)! Just a tip! :)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I used electricity tape too but it came off in one night.:) I've been thinking about trying washi tape, must do it soon and see what happens!

  3. It is indeed such a great idea. I love this picture and the peaceful bedroom.
    Very nice to show us this on your blog.
    Sweet Greet, X

  4. Thank you so much dear! Your words were just too kind!


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