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Hoy empiezo la semana mostrándoles esta hermosa residencia de Ingeborg del lindísimo blog y uno de mis favoritos Maya. Esta vez Ingeborg nos muestra su sala, a mi me encantó desde el primer día que la ví en su blog, los colores pasteles alrededor de la casa junto a los muebles en madera y lindos accesorios hacen de su sala una muy linda, acijedora y especial. A mi en lo personal me gusta todo!, pero voy a dejar que sea ella quien nos hable de su espacio favorito en The Room!

Today I'm starting the week, showing you the beautiful home of Ingeborg from the lovely blog Maya and one of m favorites. This time Ingeborg is showing us her living room, I love her living room since the first time I saw it in her blog, the soft colors with the wood furniture and all the lovely accessories make this living room a charming, lovely and special one. Personally I love everything!!, but I'm going to let her tell us what she love about her favorite space in The Room!

"We like a relaxed and not so seriously atmosphere. (At least we try to have it that way). Therefore we play with colors, prints and photos on the wall, furnitures and things. It is also a personal room with our photos combined with art-prints, design combined with flea-find and inherited stuff, the big painting on the wall I made, and are inspired by a family-photo from 1950s, the room have things we've maked or redocorated and things we've bought. Its a  personal mix.

The livingroom is a small room, and that challenges the decorating. I am pleased with our airy chairs (The acapulco and the one in teak). They are both good to look at we think, they do not occupy much space, and they give extra seating when needed. Also our table are small and airy, it is also possible to make it bigger by pulling the sides up. The bookshelf and cabinet gives storage. We have plans to build drawers to the bookshelf to give even more storage. We also plan to build a new tv-bench. I like the neutral walls and floors, which make its easy to change colors. Hopefully we also find a display-cabinet we can have on the wall over the bookshelf. I think that is also a reason why I like our livingroom: It is a room with so many possibilities if you see the potential. And that I like since I like to create and see opportunities."

Muchísimas gracias a Ingeborg por invitarnos a ver su espacio favorito, espero les guste tanto como a mí!

Thank you so much Ingeborg for showing us your beautiful room, I hope all of you love it, like I do !


  1. Her colors are lovely and I am amazed by her beautiful art collection - so cute and fine taste!

  2. Qué lindo, Marie. Me encantó el estilo. Gracias por compartir. Beso grande, Sole.

  3. Este living si que me encanto, la gama de colores, los cuadritos en la pared, divino todo!! Lo que no pude es ir al blog, no esta linkeado...

  4. Wonderful!!!! Love the Acapulco Chair!

  5. Me encanta todo ese ambiente!

  6. Hihi, this was really strange, reading about my own livingroom this way:D Thank you so much Mariela for the sweet words! And thank you for having me in this post:)

    Hug, Maya


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