Saturday, August 18, 2012

Inspiración del sábado

Espero tengan un relajado sábado, ayer para mí fué uno de esos días pesadísimos que quiero dejar en el olvido, asi que espero hoy sea mas liviando : )

Disfruten, un beso!!

Have a relaxing saturday, yesterday was one of those hard days I just want to forget, I hope today is going to be more relax.

Enjoy your day!, Big hug!


  1. Hope you'll have a nice day today. Love your post! big hug hx

  2. ¡Descansa y olvida el día de ayer!

  3. Love every pic! Great mix! Hope you had a nice day today?! Big hug!

  4. Hi dear Mariela!

    There I was again! Recently you asked where I had bought my black & white quild. Just at Ikea! I think it was about 5 euros. And how funny that we almost have the same glasses! We have style :-)

    Happy Sunday! X

  5. Thank you for the beautiful inspiration, I can almost get a feeling that you are slowly preparing for Fall cuddling, isn't it?


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